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On line schooling may appear to be it truly is a thing that has only developed in the past few decades, but it is a real idea that dates back slightly longer.

These are some of the essential guidelines on composing, which may be adopted. These tips further make the entire procedure for doing it, clearer. Get useful techniques and begin that composing. Essay writing isn’t as difficult as you may think. Writing the right cover for an article that you simply’ve composed is not a really… Read more »

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Leads Are Overrated

The single most common first reaction from contractors considering participation in the MadSky Managed Repair Program is, OH! This is another lead program. With this comes questions you would expect; how much do the leads cost, how many people get the same lead, are they qualified, what percentage of these jobs will close?

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The Balanced Life

Finding balance in life is critical to finding business success.  For the sake of discussion, let me give you my working definition of a balanced life.  It is a life that is arranged in good proportions. Utopia is the life that is ARRANGED in GOOD PROPORTIONS, and each portion serves as a part not the whole,… Read more »

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The Influence of Leadership

Influencers do 3 things better than others. First, they are clear about the results they want to achieve and how they will measure them. Second, they focus on a small number of vital behaviors that will help them achieve those results. Third, they determine change by amassing key impacts of influence that both motivate and… Read more »

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The Real Key To Developing Great Employees

Anytime someone talks about keeping employees happy, there are typically a few things mentioned; money, environment, flexibility, etc. These things matter but the key to attracting quality talent and keeping them is to provide them INTENTIONAL Development and Growth opportunities in your organization. Let me reiterate a simple principle that carries a powerful outcome if… Read more »

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What To Do When The Customer Taps The Brakes

In every successful roofing company you will find hunters who supply sustenance for the team. They are generally know as sales reps. The immense responsibility that falls on their shoulders to bring back the kill is challenging, tiresome, and overwhelming at times, but it’s the reason they exist. It is built into their God given… Read more »

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Five Keys To Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

To have a successful roofing company I think all would agree that creating the right customer experience is at the top of the list. Whether you are working a MadSky MRP job or one of your own, customer neglect always leads to a bad experience. Here are five key things that will help you focus… Read more »

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Three Critical Elements To Consider When Working MRP Assignments

There is no greater challenge we face each and every day than balancing three critical elements when working assignments in the MadSky Managed Repair Program. For contractors it begins and ends with the customer experience, commitment to the core values and the requirements of being a part of the MadSky Managed Repair Program. It is… Read more »

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Contractors Wanted

MadSky MRP is actively looking for great contractors! Currently we are recruiting contractors in the following states: Texas Missouri Georgia Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Minnesota Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee Florida Maine New Hampshire Connecticut Vermont Rhode Island Massachusetts If you are a roofing contractor in one of these states and are interested in getting warm roofing… Read more »

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Welcome to

Let me be the first to welcome you to the brand new MadSky MRP website. We have spent the last few months putting the site together. When we decided to put a new site together, we wanted to create a site that educates contractors, homeowners and carriers on what the MadSky MRP program offers them…. Read more »