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Leads Are Overrated

The single most common first reaction from contractors considering participation in the MadSky Managed Repair Program is, OH! This is another lead program. With this comes questions you would expect; how much do the leads cost, how many people get the same lead, are they qualified, what percentage of these jobs will close?

Today I am going to give you the opportunity to leave the chaotic, unpredictable, dog eat dog world of leads and move into the future of our industry. Guys the future of roofing is in assignments, not leads, from major insurance companies.

These assignments, not leads, fundamentally change relationships with customers, carriers, manufactures, suppliers, your cash flow, and work burdens. First let me define assignments. An assignment is a task or piece of work assigned to someone as part of a job. When you receive an assignment through MadSky MRP you will have two specific tasks to perform. First, create the right customer experience and second build a great roof. Do those two tasks, let our team do their tasks, and everyone succeeds.

So lets talk about how assignments fundamentally change relationships. We will begin with the customer. The most notable fundamental change is that you are there by invitation. They have asked to meet with you. Compare that to the beat down of knocking doors or paying for leads. The homeowner actually asks to meet with you. Second in their mind because of the required vetting process, you are thought of as the “Trusted Expert”, so says the carrier.

Next, assignments fundamentally change your relationship with insurance companies. Try this; buy 50 leads, and call the insurance companies on all 50 leads and demand that they eliminate the mortgage requirements, eliminate depreciation on all the leads you work, and for good measure demand them to provide a 5 yr warranty on your work backed by them. Good luck with that. That sounds crazy, right? Well that’s exactly what MadSky MRP has been able to get the carriers to agree to do for the program jobs.

Next, assignments fundamentally change your relationship with manufacturers and supply houses. Try this; buy 50 leads, and call your supply house and wag your 50 paid for leads in their face and say, I demand guaranteed next day delivery on any order I submit regardless of size of the event or availability of products. In addition don’t you dare bill me for the products I order because I have a limit on my credit line. Obviously, even though you have paid for leads, that dog wont hunt with a supply house or manufacturer. You see supply houses don’t jump through hoops for leads but they do for assignments through MadSky MRP. Don’t believe me? Call all of our approved supply partners and ask them for yourself.

Next, lets talk about something more personal, your cash flow and work burden. By accepting assignments instead of just running a lead you fundamentally change your cash requirements and work burden responsibilities. The reasons are simple. We pay for material, needed tooling, estimating team, require no additional work burdens and even train your staff. Again all you focus on are two things; creating happy customers and building great roofs. Run assignments and you never outrun your cash or credit capabilities. Try this, call all the insurance companies you are working with who are choking the cash out of your business and demand they pay you within 7-10 days of completion and a signed Certificate of Satisfaction from the happy homeowner. Did I mention we asked the insurance companies to do that and they said yes?

By now, you should see why leads are overrated, at least when compared with assignments. Like I said at the beginning, the future of roofing is in assignments from carriers and now you see why. You have a simple decision to make. Do you want to keep just running leads or would you rather receive assignments?



Reggie Brock

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