Material Purchasing Program (MPP)


  • MadSky and carrier pre-negotiate a material purchase discount available on a national scale for any contractor submitting a work order to MadSky
  • Carrier’s traditional (staff or IA) workflows are utilized to arrive at claim settlement
  • Applicable material discounts are auto applied within 60 seconds of estimates being marked in progress and are available for review by the field adjuster for final acceptance.
  • Adjusters advises insured of the program ( priority material – fast )

Technology for trust

  • Accurence automation for line item deconstruction and material price discounts available.

Financial Model

  • MadSky charges a % utility model of discount value

MPP Explained


The MadSky Managed Material Program is designed to help our customers quickly recover following a storm

  • Contractors and customers take advantage of pre-negotiated discounts on materials.
  • Contractors are able to access in-demand materials
  • Materials delivered directly to customer’s home allowing a faster installation than through traditional supply channels.


  • Policy Holder or Contractor of choice contact MRP via contact information on F9 note
  • Policy Holder or Contractor of choice enroll into MRP program
  • Policy Holder or Contractor of choice request a quote from one of the approved suppliers
  • Policy Holder or Contractor of choice send the quote from approved supplier to MadSky MRP
  • Policy Holder or Contractor of choice pay MadSky via check or credit card
  • MadSky coordinates delivery