If you prefer to just be a name on a list, don’t work with MadSky Managed Repair Program.

We only work with the best of the best in the roofing industry, and we personally invest in each contractor. In addition to sharing our innovative process and access to the country’s leading insurance carriers, we deliver an intensive two-day training program and guide you through the background check and certification process, all without additional cost to you. In addition, we provide on-going training to assist you in constantly improving your business.

Our network stretches across all 50 states. The best in the industry partner with MadSky MRP. That’s because we deliver leads that become customers, while decreasing costs, streamlining the timeline, and paying, on average, within days of receiving the Certificate of Satisfaction.

On your end, we require that you enroll only your best employees in the program. We will walk them through the credentialing & training process.