Residential Roof Repair Program (RRP)


  • Adjuster completes a traditional workflow and marks the estimate in progress
  • The file data is auto-analyzed to determine if it is a repair and sends MadSky personnel photos, roof diagram and scope.
  • MadSky sources up to 5 local roofing contractors who are willing to accept the repair and complete service within 10 business days.
  • A report with the contacts and agreed repair scope is returned to the onsite adjuster within 30 minutes of starting the process and can be shared with the insured
  • Optionally, an ITEL shingle analysis report may be purchased to aid with material sourcing defensibility.


Inspection and Scoping Details

  • MadSky personnel desk review

Technology for Trust

  • Accurence estimate deconstruction, aerial CAD (Measurements) and XactAnalysis.

Financial Model

  • Carrier pays report fee to MadSky; if authorized to repair RCV up front.